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Design, Supply and Rental of Water Treatment and Solids Washing Equipment

Design, Supply and Rental of Water Treatment
and Solids Washing Equipment

Road Arisings

Gully Waste

Interceptor Waste

Water Treatment

Oily Sludge 

Soil Washing

Contaminated Soil Recycling and Wastewater Treatment

Road Arisings

Gully Waste

Interceptor Waste

Water Treatment

Oily Sludge 

Soil Washing

OPS design and supply equipment for contaminated water treatment and contaminated soil washing.  We offer contaminant-optimised wastewater treatment plants (for heavy metals, oil, FOGs, silt, suspended solids and ammonia), using a proprietary process that includes Electrocoagulation, Dissolved Air Flotation, Filtration and Absorption. Our solids washing plant treat contaminated soil, oily sand and oily sludge, providing efficient road sweeping recycling, gully waste recycling, MRF glass and interceptor sludge recycling.  The oil, sand, stone and glass resources are recovered from these wastes to enable reuse.


Working to protect our environment

 We are committed to operating in an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable manner.  Some of our current initiatives include:


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What we do…

Waste Treatment Solutions

OPS Ltd specialise in the cleaning of oily sand and oily sludge having supplied plants to contractors in Sweden, Canada and Libya as well as supported our sister company in Kuwait whilst fulfilling their 7-year waste management contract with KOC. OPS integrate 3rd party equipment with the key OPS products such as the AEV and the high rate thickener / clarifier with integral oil separation.

To wash solids effectively you must be able to clean your water especially in dry and arid parts of the world where water is scarce but also in more temperate climates where water efficiency is economically and environmentally very important. Again, OPS integrate equipment with our own products such Electrocoagulation, bespoke DAF units and Absorption Media.

OPS Products & Treatment Solutions

Who we work with

Working across Europe, the Nordics and the Middle East, OPS supply and support an extensive range of cost effective industry specific solutions that deliver rapid ROI, proven reliability and low operating overheads.

We offer a range of treatment solutions from high volume permanent plant to small footprint, mobile treatment equipment designed for sites where space, budget and schedule are paramount.  We analyse each individual project requirement, delivering a modular, engineering-led solution that optimises treatment efficiency and life cycle costs.

We have just gone through your deliverables for engineering. First we will tell you that we are very impressed with what you have delivered. Very professional.

We like all the touches made to the system including the functionality to circulate the water in the pits giving us the opportunity to homogenize the feed. We had not thought of this.

These things reassure us and make us confident in your abilities. You clearly have put your mind to work here.


Hias | Sandvikavegen 136, 2312 Ottestad Postboks 4065, 2306 Hamar Norway

Reduce Your Waste Treatment Overhead


OPS equipment can significantly reduce your waste treatment overhead.

Click on the link and complete the online requirement profile and our expert engineering team will produce a  provisional budget cost and ROI calculation for your planned waste management project.

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