Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Designed to drive down the cost and environmental impact of effluent treatment, OPS’s modular wastewater treatment plants harness electrocoagulation, dissolved air flotation, filtration units and a variety of absorbent media to treat industrial effluent, surface water, car wash wastewater, produced water, contaminated groundwater, leachate and oily wastewater.

Our industrial wastewater and effluent treatment solutions have been successfully delivered projects in the following areas:

  • Oily Water from interceptors
  • Steel industry waste water
  • Produced water (Oil and Gas)
  • Food industry waste water
  • Landfill leachate
  • Car wash water
  • Contaminated ground water

OPS equipment is designed specifically for the needs of the waste water to be processed. OPS plants are generally a mix of proprietary designed units, 3rd party products and off the shelf items integrated to form an effective, cohesive system for the client. 

OPS proprietary designs include electrocoagulation, dissolved air flotation units, filtration units and a variety of absorbent media for polishing of contaminants.



An EC and DAF on a 20ft iso-frame can treat over 30m3/h of waste water with ancillary units bolted on to form a robust water treatment solution.

Dissolved Air Flotation

The OPS electrocoagulation reactor rips oil from water and precipitates heavy metals, producing only a fraction of the sludge produced by wet chemistry. Where an existing DAF unit is already in place, the OPS EC can be easily integrated, slotting in front of the DAF.  Other units can be added to make a full treatment plant including: fines management, pH dosing, polymer dosing, absorption/polishing media, membrane treatments.


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