OPS Oily Sludge Treatment

OPS Oily Sludge Treatment

Sand washing is ineffective once the particles are below 50 micron.  At this point the material becomes an Oily Sludge. The recovery of oil and cleaning of solids within the sludge now requires a chemical and heat treatment.



The recovered cake normally required further treatment


The recovered oil is either sold or given back to the clients


The recovered water is treated by OPS Water Treatment equipment

OPS have extensive experience in oily sludge treatment using either proprietary chemistry or out sourced chemistry.  Previous systems have used gravity separation or enhanced gravity separation using a Flottweg Tricanter and a GEA decanter followed by disk separator.

As engineering systems integrators, we combine cost efficient 'off the shelf' products with our high throughput proprietary processes. Integrated by best in class process control into a single solution individually engineered to site conditions, OPS deliver consistent performance, reliability and optimised life cycle costs.

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