OPS Kuwait


OPS Kuwait is a contracting company based in Kuwait which specialises in the treatment of Oily Sand and Oily Sludge. OPS Kuwait covers the Middle East and North Africa.

The technology is provided by sister company OPS Ltd. Using this technology various projects have been completed to specifications as low as <0.5% oil on solids without the use of heat or chemistry.

Projects have been completed for

– KOC – Oily Sand and Sludge Treatment
– KNPC – Tank Bund Remediation
– Harouge (Libya) – Lagoon Oil Recovery and Remediation


OPS Kuwait works closely with Al Markabah (a member of the same group) which provide Waste Management services such as logistics, landfill management and highways maintenance. Currently OPS Kuwait has 2 semi mobile sand treatment plants in Kuwait both rated at 15t/h of oily sand.

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