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OPS Filtration

OPS Filtration

OPS Ltd design and build filtration vessels as well as purchasing off the shelf items where the specification allows.

OPS design and utilise many different types of filtration:


  • Parabolic screens as primary screens
  • Back-washable sand filters – duty standby
  • Dynamic sand filters
  • Cartridge filter vessels
  • Back-washable media absorption filters


The key parameter for sizing filters is the solids loading and the flux rate through the filter bed. The nature of the water must also be taken into account for example oil content, polyelectrolyte residue etc.  In many of the applications OPS are involved the water is very unpredictable therefore we install a backwash:

The backwash is required for sand filters and media filters alike, and there must be water available at all times to complete the backwash.


As engineering systems integrators, we combine cost efficient 'off the shelf' products with our high throughput proprietary processes. Integrated by best in class process control into a single solution individually engineered to site conditions, OPS deliver consistent performance, reliability and optimised life cycle costs.

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