OPS DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

OPS DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

The OPS Dissolved Air Flotation Systems (DAF) clarifies wastewater, removing suspended solids to enable product recovery and water treatment for environmental compliance and reduced trade effluent charges.

 OPS DAF System Highlights


OPS have over 10 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of DAF plants across a wide range of industry sectors.  Both fixed and mobile OPS DAF units incorporate a range of key features that reduce operating costs and the maintenance overhead including: 

  • Air is infused into the recirculation pump therefore compressed air is not required.
  • Variety of different recirculation pumps selected depending on the process.
  • High efficiency lamella plates and/or coalescer packing to ensure maximum removal.
  • High capacity sludge capacity.
  • OPS units are designed to handle shock loads of solids (as this can be a common occurrence in wash plants).
  • Remote telemetry can be added to enable remote surveillance.
  • Dormancy – the DAF can go into a dormancy mode when there is no flow.
  • Saturation vessel/pipe space efficiently built underneath the unit.
  • Vented relief to prevent oversized bubbles• Variable height weir to alter flow capacity.
  • OPS DAF can be a bespoke design to suit your location and waste water.

Where wastewater is contaminated with higher levels of fats, oils or greases, the DAF unit is combined with our electrocoagulation unit, significantly improving performance.

DAF units are sized on two factors namely:

1.Hydraulic loading (this is the maximum flow rate that can be put through the unit whilst still giving sufficient time for the solids to rise to the surface, typically 1-2m3/hr of effluent per m2 hydraulic separation area).

2. Solids loading rate (this is defined in kg/hr of solids per m2 of area

As engineering systems integrators, we combine cost efficient 'off the shelf' products with our high throughput proprietary processes. Integrated by best in class process control into a single solution individually engineered to site conditions, OPS deliver consistent performance, reliability and optimised life cycle costs.

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