OPS Interceptor Waste Recycling

OPS Interceptor Waste Recycling

OPS have over 10 years of experience of hazardous interceptor waste recycling and treatment plant design (130508 etc). Our range of bespoke multi-process interceptor waste treatment solutions treat interceptor sludge, oily water and solid waste, minimising the interceptor waste recycling overhead by producing recycled, treated product for non-hazardous waste disposal.

Hazardous or low hazardous interceptor waste treatment plant would typically include:

  • Properly designed received pits/tanks
  • Sand scrubbing
  • Thickener with oil separation capability
  • Water treatment with oil separation capability
  • Oil storage and decanting


Typically, sand received from interceptor waste will be treated using a cyclone and dewatering bed. This does clean the sand to a level that complies with the WRAP inert protocol for recycled sand.  More attrition is required for WRAP compliance using OPS sand cleaning expertise.

The OPS Thickener with a separate oil take-off is also required to give another collection point of slop oil. This unit occupies only 3m diameter footprint but can handle all your site fines. 

The OPS water treatment is Electrocoagulation and DAF which effortlessly rips the oil from water and gives another collection point for the oil. 

Whether a client just chooses to ship the oil off-site at this point in their decision otherwise it can be further treated to give a zero or positive cost rather than a negative.


Sold as an aggregate


Sold as a fine aggregate/sand


Dewatered and disposed off for soil amelioration projects


Disposed off to oil recycling facility

Energy Efficiency = Reduced Wear.

OPS design our plants with the following features:


  • Zero ’90-degree’ elbows on pipes transporting sand and water
  • Zero ’90-degree’ elbows at the outlet of pumps
  • Recirculation pump controlled by flowmeters and a pressure sensor to reduce energy consumption
  • Accurate control of sludge flowrate to ensure smooth and efficient centrifuge operation
  • To strive to be water neutral by capturing, treating and reusing all the water which comes into a site

As engineering systems integrators, we combine cost efficient 'off the shelf' products with our high throughput proprietary processes. Integrated by best in class process control into a single solution individually engineered to site conditions, OPS deliver consistent performance, reliability and optimised life cycle costs.

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